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Buy Nateglinide

Related post: number of publications, chiefly English. Wo said it was analo-
gous to the " Index Medicus," which is not strictly correct, as in
addition to the roferenco there is, in many cases, a brief digest
of the article. The author has been patiently continuing this
habit of noting down articles of importance for tliirty-tive
years, giving an exiimple which it would be well for others to
follow. In so far ns tho book goes, it is a very u.-'cful one.
A Practical Lahoratory Course in Medical Chemistry. By
JonK C. Nateglinide Starlix Draper, M. D., LL. D., Professor of Chemistry in
the Medical Department, University of New York, etc.
New York : William Wood & Co., 1882. Pp. vi-71.
This is another of tho condensed laboratory text-books of
which so many have lately been issued, and, judging from a
somewhat superficial examination, it would .«eem, in point of
convenience and fullness, to be rather in advance of its competi-
tors. Tlie nmue of the author is a guarantee of its accuracy,
and tho liiiidini; and make-u[> are good.
Regional Surgery, including Surgical Diagnosis. A Manual for
the Use of Students. Part 1 — the Head and Nock. By F.
A. SouTnAM, M. A., M. B. Oxon., F. R. C. S. E., Assistant
Surgeon to tlie Manchester Royal Infirmary, etc. Loudon:
J. & A. Churchill, 1882. Pp. xvi-22'J.
This book deals with tho regional surgery of tho head and
nook alone, being the first of a series of three proposed volumes.
It covers, in successive cha])tors, tumors of the scalp; surgical
diseases of tho scalp and cranium ; injuries of the head ; sur-
gical affections of tho face, nose, and lips; the various diseases
of tho jaws, teeth, mouth, tongue, palate, gums, tonsils, pharynx,
and cvsophagus; the abnormal states of the lachrymal and audi-
tory apparatuses demanding surgical treatment; and tho surgical
affections and injuries of tho nock.
It will readily bo seen that such an extensive field can not
bo covered in much detail in a volume of .so small a size. It
has surprised and gnitifiid the reviewer, however, to find so
much valuable matter comprosscil into this .small compass. The
hints onibodied in the work are well chosen, and are clearly im-
jiressed upon the reader. The method adopted of giving mar-
ginal references to the text greatly assists in rapid reference, and
will add to the value of tho book, ospeciiUly with those who
have little time to devote to systematic reading. The tables of
differential diagnosis occa-sionally incorporated in the text of
the work remind ns of an American work upon surgical diag-
nosis which is constructed largely upon that plan. Such tables
have a double advantage over simple descriptive text— viz., they
afford a given amount of information in the sraallei-t possible
space, and, in addition, assist the memory of the reader by con-
trasting the symptoms of two diseases having points of resem-
blance. We heartily commend this work, and believe that
when completed it will prove a vnloable addition to the library
of any physician.
Questions on Human Anntomy. By Samtel 0. L. Potter,
M. A., M. D., etc. With sixty-three illustrations. Philadel-
phia: P. Starlix Nateglinide Blakiston, Son & Co., 1S82. Pp. 139. [Price, $1.]
Tuis work is tho first of a series of eight volumes now in
preparation. The series, as a whole, is supposed to exhaust tho
more important points treated of by the incnmbentE of the
seven chairs of our medical colleges. The work is arranged in
the form of questions and answers, intended to be used for self-
exnmination, and to supply tho demand now filled by quiz-mas-
ters. Wo do not think that any book of this kind can do what
a supervising instrnctor accomplishes (if he be competent), but
such aids may olton Buy Nateglinide bo used by students to advantage, provided
they are not abused. The dan;;er is that students too olten con-
fine themselves to snch cram-books (to the exclusion of stan-
dard works), and thus become superficial in their knowledge.
Tho work under consideration is a good one of its kind.
Nerve-Vibralion and Excitation as Agents in the Treatment
of Functional Disorder and Organic Disease. By J. Mortimer
Granville, M. D. London : J. & A. Churchill, 1883. Pp. 128.
Microbes in Fermentation, Putrefaction, and Disease. Pa-
per read before the Philosophical Society of Glasgow, December
14, 1881. By Charles Cameron, M. D., LL. D., M. P. London:
HailliCre, Tindall, and Cox, 1882. Pp. 32. [Price, Is.]
The Termination of the Nerves in the Liver. By M. L.
Uolbrook, M. D. Kepriutcd from the Proceedings of the Ameri-
can Society of Microscopists. Pp. 95 to 100, inclusive.
The Structure of tho Muscles of tho Lobster. By M. I..
I lolbrook, M. D. Reprinted from the Proceedings of the Ameri-
can Society of Microscopists. Pp. 131 to 138, inclusive.
London Water Supply. Report, etc. No. xxii.
Transactions of tho Medical Society of tho State of New
York tor the year 1882. Pp. 474-17.
• Suprapubic Lithotomy. The High Operation for Stone—
F.picystotomy — Hypogastric Lithotomy — (The High .Vpparatus).
By William Tod Ilelmuth. .M. D., Professor of Surgery in the
Now York Homtpopathic Medical College, etc. Illustrated with
eight lithographic plates and numerous engravings on wood.
New York and Philadelphia: Boericke & Tafel. 1882. 4to, Nateglinide 120 Mg pp.
'.>3. (Price, $4.]
Old School Medicine and Homreopathy. .V reprint from
the "North .Vmerioan Review," June, 1SS2, being a reply to
Profos-sor Palmer's article in the March number, entitled the
" Fallacies of Honwopathy." By J. W. Dow ling, M. D., Pro-
fessor of Physical Diagnosis and Diseases of the Heart and
Lungs, Now '^'ork llonuvopathic Me

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