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From: c z
Subject: Monterey Delights- Chapter 10Disclaimer- Standard Nifty and I will rusian childrens porn
just add, if
you don't want to read it or can get busted if caught,
don't. Easy enough done and I am not responsible if you
screw up. The story is mine, and I am going to insist on
its copyright. So hereby Monterey Delights rape child porno is now
copyrighted ( C ) by cezmail, my pseudonym on the net. Ask
permission to post it elsewhere and I child of incest will most likely
grant it, but doing so without is a violation nude child kids
of my
copyright. Thanks for understanding.Dedication- This one is to all my fans who have been kind
enough to have found my story and read it. I have made it
this far and I owe it all to russian child erotic you. To those who have written
me and even those who have not, I thank you deeply. All the
feedback and suggestions, comments and criticism, it helped
and helped me to become a better writer. Hope that this
chapter strikes you as worthwhile for being children fucking images with me. This
one is girl fuck child for you kind Reader.Thanks as always to Bob in CO, Charlie G, Michael H, Skip,
Free Thinker, and Adam.Thanks also goes out to all the other kind folks who have
come across my story and read it. Thanks for all the emails
and support. I am naturism nudism children still with it and will hope to keep
writing when I can. May not always write as childs pics nude
often, but I am
still here folks.To all others, as before, feel free to email me with any
comments. I gladly answer any and all. You can email me at
cezmail1yahoo.comChapter 10I just stared for a moment, trying to decide how to react,
then all my pent up childern porn anger, frustration, and even fear
rushed in and I charged Noah. I pushed him up against the
wall, with my arm at his Chest, I put my face right in his,
almost nose to nose. I then shouted at his ugly puss." Listen Asshole, nude children forum
I have had enough of your shot. Just shut
the fuck UP! I do not care if you die now, but I will tell
you, if you do not stop all the bull and crap you have been
throwing at me, I will childsex paysites kick your ass and shove all your
shit back in your face, You and Chris deserve each other,
and I will hope he fucks you over as he did our friendship.
Tell one more person or call me a faggot, and I will kill
you. Plain and simple asshole, I will take whatever happens
if I do. Go get stoned, child porn colections drop off and drown, hell, lay
across the fricken road and save the world the trouble of
your life. "" But dude! I will not take it from you. Say another word
to me, and I will go after you. Stay the hell away from me.
Go find some little puppy to kick, as I certainly will not
live in fear of you or what you have to say. Just FUCK off
Noah."I stepped away then, drained from all the energy I had
poured into that moment, I had a some tears in my eyes just
from the sheer emotional outburst, but I did not let them
fall. I moved to step away, my piss all but forgotten when
Chris finally stopped giggling and locked me. His eyes were
totally glazed and he seemed not to have heard anything I
said." Charlie, friend , pal,... Come on, lets go somewhere and
suck me off. " He had his smirk, then one that had won me
over but which now I just found infuriating. I could not
believe the gall of this fucker. I shook my head and just
lost it.My punch took me as much as a surprise as it did Chris. His
head recoiled from the strike against his cheek and he
landed against the stall door. My own hand was screaming
out in pain, and I bit my tongue to control my scream.
Chris had some blood flowing from his nose which had
impacted against the wall of the stall and then just
dropped, crying and whimpering from his own agony. Noah
stood there silently, looking at Chris and then me.I turned back to Noah, " I will do the same thing ass-whipe
if you push me. "I child perky tits just left and almost ran back into the upper level above
the arcade. I walked children porno love past the other stairs and past some of
the gift shops. I just wanted to put as much distance as I
could from Noah and Chris, and the whole scene that had
taken place. My hand still ached, but I could feel I had
not broken anything. Scraped up my knuckled and possibly
bruises, but I guess I would live.I wondered what was going to happen now. Gods I had fucked
up, but damn it was nice to let it all out. The fear I had
been feeling before was out, drained along with much of my
agonizing thoughts. Now I porno indian children would have to live with the
consequences. Noah could screw up my life here, and he and
Chris could join in with the other bullies to kick my ass.
But I would just have to see what would come of it. I did
know at least, I would child girl fuckingchildren 12 fucking go after Noah if he pushed me. Might
get creamed, but I would kill the shit eater.I must have just walked and lost it for a minute before I
remembered, JOHN! I had left down below, when I went to go
to the bathroom. Gods could this day be more screwed up. I
shook my head to clear away all my running thoughts and
went back down to locate child images rompl him. It took a moment before I saw
him playing some Skeball, a roll of tickets piled up at the
outlet Must have played it for awhile, as he had really
racked them up.I stepped closer, as all the noise from the other games was
too much nude 13old child for him to have heard me. I tapped him on the
shoulder as he rolled the last ball in and scored the max
in the center. He turned to see who it was and smiled. "
Hey where ya been? " He had to shout this out to make sure
I had heard.I just shook my head and pointed to his tickets. " Lets go
outside." he looked at me if I was crazy, but then nodded
and gathered up his stash of tickets. We mad our way to the
main entrance, and down the illegal child pussy wooden stairs. We could see the
big radio tower of KNRY and past it, the Ocean. The sun was
setting to our left and the shadows played over the
sidewalk and the old rail tracks that flowed past Edgewater
and the rest of childsex mpegs
Cannery Row.I motioned with my hand for us pic children pussy
to sit down. " John.. Ummm
mind if we leave. I don't feel like playing games now? "" Charlie, what's up? You leave to take a leak, erotic pussi child
then seem
to be gone forever, and now this? Is it me? " John looked
concerned and even apprehensive.I snorted and allowed a small grin to come to my face. " No
dude, were cool, just.. well I just wanna, ok? Something
happened and I need to get out of here for awhile. " I
patted him on the shoulder to show we were good.He still looked worried, but the apprehension left his
face. " Well if your sure. You child sexphoto
wanna tell me what all
happened? "I shook my head. " Naw, not right now man. Maybe children of nudists later, ok?
Nothing you did, but I am not in the mood to go into it. "He then stood up and we started to walk down the stairs.
Got on our biked and rode off.We spent the next couple of hours just biking about and
hitting some inocent child xxx
of the little shops on the Row, It was now
dark and John decided we children sex incest should head back to his place
before his parents freaked. child picks porno We grabbed some burgers from
Carl Jr's and munched on them on the way back. By now I had
put child suck cock the confrontation and fight with Noah and Chris behind
me and just enjoyed the moment.We childporno movies got to his place soon free childporn movies
enough and but our bikes away in
the garage, We lucked out, as his parents were not home,
though had left a light on in the kitchen. We walked in and
John saw a note, Said they had gone to dinner and a movie,
and that their was money for a pizza if we wanted. John
smiled when he saw this. " Cool, extra moolah. hot child porn We got some
dough for all our fun man. "I just smiled and we went to his childs nude incest
room. child retro imgboard We kicked back and
watched some TV and chatted on nothing serious. Soon it was
close to 11 and I was falling asleep. John's parents came
home and called out " Goodnight" to us and went off to
their room. Guess I would see them in the morning.John got out hardcore childporno
a pad and sleeping child sex pohoto bag for me to crash on, as
all he had was a twin. We undressed down to our underwear
and crawled into bed, Even as sleepy as I was, I was able
to see that John was really nice looking. Felt some
stirring in my boxers, but was able to hide it. I just was
too tired and drained to do anything or even seriously
think on it. " Night John. "" Yeah, same child incest vidoes to you Charlie. " He yawned free child nudes and clicked off
the light.I slept pretty good and when I woke up, the sun was shining
through John's window. I turned children xxx pic as I stretched to see John
still sleeping, his black hair all mussed up and sticking
to the sides. The blankets had been pulled away in his
sleep and freepics children I saw him in his briefs with a woody sticking up.
I realized I had one of my own, but I had to take a leak. I
admired John's slim body, but pulled on my pants to child porn images hit the
head.I finished up and walked back towards John's room when I
heard something behind me. A large man, well over 6 feet,
looked at japanese child nudism me, and then smiled. " Hello, you must be
Charlie. I am John's Dad, Jonah. " I shook hands and
smiled. John got his hair and his eyes from his dad I child porn pussy could
see." Yeah, that's me, Thanks for having me over. "" Your welcome Charlie. Is John awake yet? "I shook my head. " No, he was still bombed when I just woke
up. "" Well wake him up. His nudest children mom has breakfast just about ready,
I was on my way up to stir you boys up, but I will let you
do it. Food in 10 minutes. "" Thanks Jonah, I will. Till then. " I turned and went back
into John's room. He as still sleeping, lying on his back.
His woody had gone down, but I just took in the sight. With
this look, John indeed was very nice on the eyes, and man.
I could go for him.But no way in hell was I about to try child with thong to
do anything with him. Not after the disaster with Chris and
Noah.I went to the bed and rocked John. he mumbled and rolled
over, but did child nudeist
not wake up. I pushed him again, and still nude photography children no
luck. Then I got sneaky and decided just to tickle him. I
got John in his sides and laid into him and in short order,
he was laughing and curled up into a ball to block my
fingers.I stopped and laughed myself. " Ok John. child masterbation images foods on. Your Dad
said to get you child gay russian up and to join them pronto. so get your
lazy butt up and get dressed. I'm hungry dude. "John turned and smiled, not pissed I had tickled him. "
Thanks Charlie. You sleep well?"" Yeah sure, now get moving, or will you go down in your
shorts? " I snickered at that.John got red with that children nudist pic comment. " No way man, let my mom
see me??Are you nuts? Hand me my pants will you. "I gave them to him and he pulled on a childsex videos new shirt. I pulled
on my old one, thinking I would get a shower after food. We
rushed down the stairs where I met his mom. We sat downed
and dug into pancakes and scrambled eggs. thai childsex
When I was full I
thanked them and asked children spank history if I asian child
could get a shower. John showed
me where the towels were and after grabbing my clean
clothes, I got my shower.I finished soon enough and brushing my teeth and getting on
the new clothes, I put the dirty ones away in my pack. I
went to John's room and upon opening the door, saw him
pulling on children sex picture some clean underwear. He turned his czech child pics
head quickly
to see who it was, but then nodded and finished pulling
them up. I closed the door behind me, and had to try not to
stare as he wiggled his but getting them on. Damn, I had a
boner from the sight. I turned away before John caught me
looking childe sex pic and just looked over childfuck clips his hobby case of model planes
he had built.Dressed now we decided to go to the mall and hang out there
and maybe catch a movie. I called home to find out what was
going on, as I knew we were supposed children naturists pics
to nude russian childs go to my aunts but
I wanted to be sure. Checked in, and talked free children preeten with my dad. I
found out my aunt had to children porn galeri
work, so we had cancelled for the
day. He was cool with me staying some more today, but to be
home by three. I said ok and hung up. Then John childporno videos
goodbye to his parents and we rode off. I incest litl child took my pack with
me, so I could leave for home right away.Had a blast at child nude photoes
the mall and John and I gave each other a
high five when we parted. I had really had fun with him childs erotic pics
told litle children ing him so. He just smiled and said he would see sexy child video childhood lesbian
me at
school on Monday. I nodded and with a wave, I was on my way
home. Traffic was light and soon chillporn cartoon sex
enough I pedaled up the
hill and home.When I walked in, I gave my mom a hug, and sat down to get
some juice." Have a good time Charlie? "" Yeah it was cool. John is a good litle children porno guy xxx nude child and I think we will
be friends. "Mom looked up, " So how are you and Chris? "That pulled me out of my good child erotic photography mood. I paused child porn foto and shook my
head. " Naw, we aren't friends anymore. He turned out to be
an asshole and I moved on. He got this idiot joung childs sex for a friend
and hangs out with him. Just was the shits, you know? "My just shook her head. " Well you know for yourself. I
will hope that you will be able to keep John as a friend.
Oh, by the way, David called for you last night and today.
Wants you child pussy fucking to call him. "That got my attention and I went to get porno japan children his number from my
room. I gave him a quick buzz and after Riley answered, was
talking to David." Heya David, how are you man? "I heard you child nudism tgp called me. "He chuckled a little. " Nice to talk to you as well
Charlie. Yeah, sorry I missed you Friday, I was sick and
had to stay home. I was hoping we could get together, but
your mom said you spent the night at a friends. You free
tomorrow? Maybe we evilchili sofa webcam
can hang out and see a sexy pic child
movie or play
Atari?"I nodded to the phone, though he could not see. " I am game
for that, but I will have to call you tomorrow to let you
know. I have no idea if I am free, Ok David? "" Sure, hope you are. So, where did you stay last night?"" Oh over at John's, from our class. "I was greeted by silence. Then " OH ?"I child to fuck was puzzled by china girl child this. " David, is something wrong? John
seems like a good guy and I had fun. ""No Charlie, I ... umm...I glad you had fun. John's ok I
guess. I gotta go, so call me tomorrow and let me know, ok?
"I was again puzzled , but decided not to press it. " Sure
man, I can do that. Call you then. Bye. "" Bye, " and he child lesbian pictures hung up.My Dad peeing child nude and nud children pic sister, who had spent the day together got back
around 4 and we hard child fuck
all went out for dinner. I learned that we
would be going to my aunt's tomorrow, children defloration gallery so that shot down the
get together with David, Had a good meal of Mexican and
getting home about 7, I called David, thinking it better to
call now and not leave him Hanging. He was at the store
when I called, so left a message with his mom that I could
not make it, but would see him Monday.Sunday passed and I had fun seeing my aunt and her
boyfriend. We all went to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and
checked it out. It was an amusement park right on the ocean
at the top of imageboard child porn
Monterey Bay. Had some really cool roller
coasters, one built back in 1905 or so. We were there all
day and I was really tired when we finally got home. I
wanted to sleep, child fucking porno
but because I had procrastinated girl childern sexi
on my
homework, was up till 11 finishing it. Just shows how the
lazy get punished.Monday child lover free morning arrived and nudist child russia I was ready to face the music.
How would Noah and Chris act I wondered. I would just have
to see. I was excited to see David and thai porno children
John again, though I
still was puzzled by David's reaction about my friendship
with John.--------------------------------------------------------------This ends Chapter 10. it did not go as I thought I might,
butI still have much more to share.Keep the emails coming if you like, hate, or have
criticisms to my style. I am open minded and am willing to
listen to your opinions.Praise me, flame me, or just tell me where I may improve or
screwed up. I am more then willing to reply and we can see
what the future holds. Email child feet nudist
me at cezmail1yahoo.com.Also, I posted a new story. It is in the gay Science
Fiction and Fantasy section, titled " Battered Barbarian
and His boy. If your interested, give it a look over.
Chapter children orgasm image 3 of that tale is posted and I will hope to have
another chapter stop child porn posted soon. If child nudist porn you do read it, please let
me know what pics child porn you think. Totally different from Monterey
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