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Related post: Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2004 09:11:31 +0000 (GMT)
From: Chaim
Subject: Me and my hairdresser (part three)My hairdresser (part three)bchaimstoryyahoo.co.uk(M/b, adult-youth/oral/anal/underwear)We are Dutch and did our best. We are a "writing couple", nothing more,nothing less and both enjoyed writing for you this way. illegal chillporn It is a "true"
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little moustache, in his late thirties."New is Pete, "Pete is a very good child porn trailers looking man in his mid twenties."Pictures of our characters are very welcome!------------------------------------The last lines of "The hairdresser 2":`Please, can we do this again?'"He hugged me and kissed me before he answered,`Oh, we will, you can count on that, my boy!' he gave me two hard
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I always pass my hairdresser who I learned to know
and like so much. Every two weeks he comes outside when I pass his shop
and asks me if he can see me the next day.My mother child lilitas always says on a Monday, `Son, you have to get to the
hairdresser. Your hair has to be done coming Wednesday.'So I always can say to his with a joyful smile on my young face on
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different, but I didn't know that until I walked into his shop.I enter dark incest chill
his shop and I saw that child nacked I wasn't the only customer today. In the
chair sits Pete.Pete is a good very looking man in his mid twenties. I know him well
because he is the son of the baker in our neighbourhood. He works part
time in the lesbians childrens pictures bakery of his father and he plays soccer in the local soccer
team. I see him very often in the streets, child pics hardcore
always surrounded by some
beautiful girls.Pete is very popular with the younger boys because of being a good
player of the soccer team and he is always very kind to us. Sometimes he
joins us when we play soccer on the street.He will be popular with the girls for his great looks. I don't know.
What I know is that I like to see he huge muscular chest when he strips
off his shirt during our play. It is my dream to have such a prominent
chest when I'm older.Pete has blond hair, always very short. He has strong, white teeth and a
nice handsome face. He is tall and has a strong build.He has the legs most soccer players have, tanned with strong and thick
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reading one of the cartoon magazines my hairdresser child lesbian nude has there for
children. Pete makes jokes with child rape fuck
my hairdresser.Talking and joking with the hairdresser, he looks at me a child actor gallery lot using the
big mirror in front of him.After a while it was my turn. I climb into the big chair and my
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sits there. As he walks through the narrow shop I watch him in
the big mirror.Pete wears a very tight white t-shirt, showing his slim athletic upper
body. I can see the out lines his muscular chest and his little nipples.
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in free child galleries our neighbourhood. He is sitting just behind me and he seemed
interested in me!? I'm just a kid.Pete smiled winking at me again.I am also confused because everything goes on like Pete isn't there. My
hairdresser cuts my hair and pushes his already hard cock against my
elbow. Didn't he noticed Pete?Of course he did!My hairdresser makes jokes with Pete, those jokes a boy like me, can't
understand.Pete smiles and kept his big hand on his crotch. He must hide a huge
bulge there.I look at him quite openly now. One time, Pete is rearranging his huge
cock and stroking it a few times, while he looks at me in the mirror. We
both know we are looking at each other.The hairdresser finishes child bondage pics his job. He takes off my protecting coat. All
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My smooth boy face turned into a deep red.My hairdresser looks at me laughing and he whispers to me,`You go to the kitchen and undress, my boy, I will follow you soon. It
will take only a few minutes.'Delighted, I do what my hairdresser says and leave for the kitchen. The
door to the secret chamber is locked so I fold my clothes in a corner of
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